Repeat prescriptions are medications which appear on the reverse of your prescription which your doctor would like you to continue on a regular basis.

How to Request a Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions may be ordered in several ways, however the FASTEST and MOST EFFICIENT is Online via PATIENT ACCESS.

Please ensure that you have NOMINATED a pharmacy where your prescription will be sent electronically. If you haven’t then the prescription may be delayed.

NOTE: Your prescription should be ready to pick up 48 hours after requesting it. The current NHS IT system does not send notifications when the prescription is ready to pick up.


You can order your repeat prescriptions via Patient Access on a computer, ipad or a phone APP. The surgery will give you a log in and password to access this. Until this is set up, or for issues, you can email

In Person

Fill in a prescription request form or underline the items needed on the tear-off side of your prescription and drop it into the surgery. Please do not order any medications you do not need. This method is slower than if requested electronically. The medication should be at the pharmacy 48 hours after it is picked up from the box.


If a stamped addressed envelope is supplied, your prescription can be returned via Royal Mail. Find our postal address. This method is also slower than if requested electronically.